• Compaction and sizing presses ranging from 10 tons to 150 tons with capability to manufacture parts with weights from 0.5 grams to 950 grams.
  • Sintering furnace is well equipped to manufacture bronze parts and also iron / steel parts.
  • Oil impregnation is done in house to make the bushings self lubricating.
  • Deburring is done to make sintered parts burr free.
  • When required raw material alloys can be tailor made inhouse as per customer requirements
  • Inhouse tool designing and manufacturing facility for timely and accurate tool manufacture
  • Inhouse machining facility for sintered parts such as turning, milling, grinding.
  • Steam treatment facility for producing rust proof parts
  • Packing as per customer requirements with bar coding and export compliant packing
  • Inhouse testing facilities for physical testing of parts as per customer requirements. Third party inspection reports can be provided on request.


  • For us the most important aspect is customer satisfaction. We realize that customer satisfaction can be achieved by producing a consistent quality product at a competitive price & timely delivery meeting all requirements of the customer.

  • Consistent quality is achieved by :

  • Clear understanding of the function of the component during service

  • Efficient tool designing and accurate tool manufacture

  • Strict ‘Process Control’ at all stages of production

  • Testing of the product at various stages of the production such as:

  • Dimensions with the help of measuring instruments accurate upto 1 micron

  • Density, radial crushing strength and hardness of sintered component

  • Any other physical or chemical characteristic as per customer requirement

  • Part ‘Traceability’ upto raw material stage.

  • Strict adherence to safeguard guidelines and industry regulations

  • Inculcating a value and culture of ‘Quality First’ across the company


  • Our R&D assistance provides complete engineering services for design of new components including part design, choosing of suitable material and product testing for powder metal products.

  • We also assist our customers in converting their metal parts from a more costly machining process to a powdered metal sintering process thus creating cost saving opportunities.